Who We Are

Winco Productions is an award-winning film and video house with offices in Nashville and Los Angeles. Having shot around the world, Winco works closely with the Nashville music industry providing creative television exposure for new and established artists.

Founded by J.R. Davis, the firm has produceed television specials with Charlie Daniels, Eddy Raven, Lee Greenwood, Restless Heart, and scores of others.

Winco's awards include the 48 Hour Film Project best SiFi, Hollywood DV Film Festival - Best Music Video, and National Videography awards - Best Graphic design.

The Winco Crew has shot in Italy, England, Switzerland, Baghdad, Kuwait, Turkey, Germany, Abaco Islands, Hawaii, Korea and Japan. Winco also visited Holland, Denmark, Switzerland and Amsterdam shooting the travels of artist Billy Yates.

Winco's creative team has pitched numerous television projects to NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Shooting on film or HD formats, the Winco team has dozens of years of experience and continues to lead the way technologically and creatively, delivering product that is second to none.

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